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If you have finally made your dream backyard kitchen a reality, then it’s time to give it some love. The team here at Artisan Outdoor Kitchens made sure it was as perfect and personalized as possible, with durable materials like 100-percent stainless steel cabinets to ensure that it will last and look beautiful for years to come. You and your family are likely enjoying all that is has to offer, whether you invested in a gorgeous grill or a long island with seating for everyone. If you’re looking for an excuse to show it off to your friends, we have you covered! Keep reading for party ideas to center around your custom outdoor kitchen, and if you are still waiting to make your dream a reality, contact Artisan Outdoor Kitchens!


What better way to enjoy time with the people you love and show off the new addition to your backyard than by hosting a family reunion? Instead of renting a stuffy event hall, you can all soak in the beautiful Colorado sunshine, and the Artisan Outdoor Kitchens team can make sure that your outdoor kitchen design is ready to cook for a crowd. With options like an under-cabinet refrigerator, built-in spare burners, and plenty of counter space, you’ll be ready to impress the in-laws and your crowd of cousins.


When your next birthday rolls around, make it all about you and your outdoor living space! Hosting a birthday party at home is a great way to save some money, especially if you have other backyard features for people to enjoy, like a patio, pool, or spa. Even an ordinary backyard is full of possibilities — find lawn games for adults to enjoy, or simply let kids run around where they can be well within sight and earshot as you grill the next batch of burgers.


If you or someone close to you is looking for a way to celebrate that’s small and budget friendly, then a backyard wedding is the perfect plan! Your custom outdoor kitchen will make it easy to serve all kinds of goodies, and with features like a built-in backyard bar, you’ll be ready to make sure everyone has a good time. Plus, when working with a team like Artisan Outdoor Kitchens, you can rest assured that your outdoor kitchen looks beautiful enough to put a professional venue to shame.

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Perhaps you’ve enjoyed your home with your partner for years, and your backyard kitchen was a recent investment. Why not enjoy it and everything you’ve built by celebrating your anniversary outside? You can revel in the beauty of the place you call home – your house and the gorgeous landscape of Colorado – and share it with the people you love most.


No one will miss out on their food favorites or the fireworks when everything you need is outdoors. With options to include a grill, a fridge, and many more appliances in your outdoor kitchen design, hosting your next Fourth of July party will be a snap with your backyard kitchen. Choose a design with plenty of counter space and seating around the grill so you can all enjoy the summertime together, even as you cook up your classic hot dogs and burgers.


Knowing Colorado, the weather will still be beautiful in November. So why not tell your friends and family to throw on a sweater and take your Thanksgiving celebration outside? Artisan Outdoor Kitchen can help you find weatherproof versions of all your favorite kitchen appliances, so you’re just as prepared to whip up those traditional recipes out in the sunshine as you are indoors. Get into the true pioneer spirit and enjoy that pumpkin pie out on the porch with those closest to you!


For some, the Super Bowl is about sports. For others, it’s about the snacks. You can please them both by making your outdoor kitchen the hub! Your custom kitchen design can include a grill, a deep fryer, a kegerator, and even a high-quality TV and stereo system setup, offering the perfect alternative to a crowded sports bar or your best friend’s worn out couch. Think ahead and check out our blog on the best backyard kitchen ideas for sports fans to be prepared!

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You don’t need a formal event to spend time in your outdoor living space! Invite your friends over for a casual outdoor dinner party, add some excitement to Taco Tuesday, or enjoy the sunshine for Sunday brunch! When you work with Artisan Outdoor Kitchens, you can make sure that your backyard kitchen meets all of your needs, and our team will strive to exceed your expectations. You’ll never want to go back indoors!

If you are still dreaming of an outdoor kitchen, take the first step today and schedule a personal consultation with Artisan Outdoor Kitchens! We utilize powder-coated stainless steel cabinetry from top manufacturers to ensure your kitchen looks beautiful and lasts for years, and you can personalize not only the color, finish, and style of your cabinets, but also every other aspect of your outdoor kitchen design. Explore our outdoor design page to learn more about all of your options, and receive more advice here on our blog. We look forward to working with you!

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With more than 300 days of sunshine a year, Colorado is the ideal environment for outdoor entertaining. Outdoor living is about more than just personal style and atmosphere; it’s also about function and longevity. Danver and Brown Jordan stainless kitchens are especially designed and engineered for outdoor use in environments like Colorado where snow in the morning doesn’t mean you will not be grilling in the afternoon.